About Ping9Games

Who we are

  • Ping9 Games is a global entertainment games company. Headquartered in India with studios across the world ( Spain, Hanoi, Seattle ),  we are the creators of San Andreas Crime Stories one of the most realistic  open world action games which became an international phenomenon.
  • Ping9 Games is a bleeding edge and innovative cross-platform mobile game developer and game art studio developing industry standard mobile games.
  • We work mainly on ActionRacing and Sports Genres of Gaming Industry  and already our games have millions of player each day and still rising.

Check Our Games enjoyed by global users, and drop us a line.

Ping9 Games offers game development for iOS and Android platforms along with Top quality Game art production for Smartphones and Tablets. We offer best game development partnership for your projects.

Ping9 Games is in the business of on-line and mobile gaming, from iPads to iPhones and Androids. We take your game concept and turn it in to realty – a lead-generating, cash-making cross platform game that represents your company. So Contact Us Now.

Sanjay Anand is the Founder and CEO of Ping9 Games Pvt Ltd with headquarters in Bangalore, India and augmented with an extremely talented pool of staff all over the world. Sanjay has a long experience as a High level IT executive specializing in Infrastructure Management, Cloud Computing, Telecom and high volume Web properties. He has a very successful track record in CIO/CTO/VP roles at large Internet and Enterprise Corporations spanning various industries in the US.Sanjay is also a very successful early investor in a number of endeavors both in India and the US. His passion for playing games on mobile devices led him to start Ping9 Games.