Real Gangster ME 1

After the massive success of the RG 4 and RG 3 here we have next series of the game Real Gangster Middle East. A action packed game in the terrorist region of the world.

Real Gangster Middle East was developed based on our user comments and feedback. Real Gangster Middle East has exciting missions in the arab terrorist city. Here you not only drive but can also fly helicopter and commercial aeroplane. The city has airport, beach, harbour and a beautiful gangster city. This game is dedicated for our fans. Hit the download button now.


Meet our player Frank who is on a mission in Iraq. Your task is very simple get mission data from the Mission points and finish the middle east terrorist and clear the region. Each mission will take Frank one more step closer to regain control over terrorist region. Missions data will be saved so you can complete all the missions and help John.

Real Gangster Middle East combines both third person control and Vehicle Physics to give you very amazing Experience.


  • First game to have Middle east people/ Arab People
  • Arabic Voice overs
  • Terrorists speak Urdu or Arabic hope you can manage in new city with new language.
  • Third Person control
  • Day and Night scene in a brand new city
  • Police cop chase and terrorist kill
  • Contract killer missions to earn extra cash
  • Brilliant vehicle and drift physics
  • 8 SUV and Military copters to driver or fly
  • Open world Environment
  • Amazing City Helicopter flying experience
  • Earn Pilot License to fly commercial Boeing and Airbus planes.

This game is still in beta release and needs improvement. Please let us know if you want more features or even help us by reporting bugs.